Monday, November 3, 2008

Evan's Birthday!

Today my son is one year old.

Kim and I have been thinking last night and this morning about where we were and what we were doing one year ago today. The water breaking, going to the hospital, a long wait, the pain of labor, friends and family coming in, and BAM. Evan James Cox is born.

Evan is an answered prayer. So many people were praying for us to have children.
Now he's walking, trying to talk, giving kisses, and getting ready to bust up some birthday cake tonight.

Praise God for his glorious gifts! I'm a thankful daddy.


Ethan said...

woo hoo!! he's getting old!! my, how fast it happens!! now we need a little sibling!

SOwen said...

I continue to praise God for Evan the miracle. He is a great blessing for us all to know that God does answer prayers.
He couldn't have been born to better parents and I know he will have a wonderful life with you all. Plus his future is already been planned out. I mean with grandpa, uncle and dad all being ministers what why would he want to break that? :) Anyway we love you Evan ....