Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mission Trip NEPAL

The day after Christmas I'll be heading to Kathmandu, Nepal for the mission trip we've been waiting for all year! Members of Conway Celebration Church have worked HARD and given much time, prayer, and money to send this team. Saints from other churches have pitched in as well. There were car washes, pizza fundraisers, yard sales, and donations. Now it's time to go!

What a story this is; an amazing small story in God's awesome large story! Ram Nepal began planting churches in Nepal in the 1980's. He started an orphanage and a school. He was persecuted for his faith, and spent time in prison for Christ. He ended up planting around 200 churches before having to flee the country after death threats were made on his family; they wanted a huge sum of money. Ram and his wife Meena fled to the USA, landing in Dallas, Texas and planting a church there for Asian immigrants. For the last several years he has divided his time between Nepal, overseeing his growing ministry there, and continuing his work in Texas. In the last few weeks he has moved to the Washington, DC area in order to plant another Asian-immigrant church. His vision is to plant churches for Asians in the United States in several major states, including New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Meanwhile, the governement has changed in Nepal. Now the church is free to proclaim the gospel in the streets! There is an open door...or window...for ministry. Already, the persecution has begun, as Hindu radicals are coming in from India to attack the growing, newly free, church in Nepal. Only God knows how long this open door for ministry in Nepal will last.

We are going to offer training for 200 to 300 precious Nepali pastors in a week-long conference in Kathmandu. Then we will visit the orphanage and school, see the plot of ground where Ram wants to build a seminary to train his pastors, and minister however we can in the local churches.

Will you pray for us? And will you cry out to God to move in a powerful way in Nepal, building his churches that were bought with his blood!? Acts 20:28
Jesus, be glorified in Nepal!

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