Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Weak and the Strong

Yesterday we spent the day with the orphans. What beautiful children!! I am so eager to show you the pictures and video when we return. You will absolutely fall in love with these kids. We played lots of games with them, and bought a ton of pizza to provide a pizza party for about 150 children and the workers! With the pizza they served sodas, french fries and prawn crisps. The kids were delighted.

I was able to finally play some music with the young men (in their twenties) who lead worship here. They are called "His Almighty Band," and they are orphans who were taken in by Ram and Meena and have grown up in the orphanage. Now they are leaders. One of them works in the only Christian radio station in Kathmandu, called the Voice of the Lord. Currently His Almighty Band has the number one song on that station; it is called Psalm 23. I taught them my song, The One, and they really liked it. We played it together over and over as they were learning, and they plan to translate it into Nepali. I played electric guitar, and I was accompanied with a bassist, drummer, and a tambourine. Amit sang with me. What a joy!

In the evening we visited another children's home nearby, run by Ram's nephew. It was out in the sticks! We drove until the van could not climb the hill, and then we walked in the dark the rest of the way, looking out for jackals. We found a really beautiful complex with about 40 kids singing their hearts out with smiles on their faces. Then they took us up to the roof, where they had a fire. Using some chicken wire over the fire they grilled chunks of wild pig. We stuck them with a toothpick, dipped them in Thai chili sauce and ate them. So good! On the table there was about 10 dishes of food and we ate and talked. Then they said we were going downstairs for the meal. We thought we had already eaten, and we were stuffed from the pizza earlier and the food we had been eating. But they took us to a long table with candlelight (the power was out) and started bringing out dish after dish of food...another 10 dishes or more! There was mutton, pork, mushroom curry, pumpkin curry, soup, chutney, greens (saag) and a plate of raw vegetables. Then they served us coffee. Wow, what an honor!

Ram's nephew and wife are taking good care of these adorable children. I spoke with one young man who said his aim is to be a pastor, and I encouraged him. These are the weak; the lowly and despised in the eyes of man. But blessed and loved by Christ!

We went back to the hotel and rested. This morning we had no power, so we did our best to dress up nicely in the dark (also no hot water for showering). They took us to the President of Nepal's house, where we went through security and waited to meet him outside. This is the first president of Nepal, now that the civil war has ended last year and the King has been removed. It is similar to their George Washington. They also have a Prime Minister, who is a Maoist and responsible for the death of many Nepalis. But we were told that the president is the only politician in Nepal who is not corrupt; a good man who grew up poor, became a medical doctor, and now has a heart to bring democracy to Nepal. President Doctor Ram Baran Yadav. He has veto power over the Prime Minister and is the Commander in Chief of the army. So we were very excited and honored for this opportunity to meet him.

We were brought inside (leaving our shoes outside) to a room with a large couch. We were seated and served tea. Soon, the curtain was pulled back and the president entered the room dressed in traditional Nepali attire, consisting of a white tunic and pants, a shawl of some sort around his back, and the traditional men's hat of Nepal, the Topi. We all shook his hand and greeted him with, "It's an honor to meet you, your excellency." He sat on the couch in the middle of us and Ram introduced us. He told him about his work for the people of Nepal: helping the children and working in the medical field, as well as ministering to the spiritual needs. We all got to address him, and told him we wanted to help the people of Nepal, and that we were praying for him. He was very grateful and kind. We then had pictures with him, and then laid hands on him and prayed for him. What a unique and special opportunity!! Praise the Lord!

After leaving, we went to the house of the daughter of the former Prime Minister and met her. She is a member of parliament and part of the most influential political family in Nepal (similar to the Kennedy's in America). She played a large part in the current president's rise to office. She too was very down-to-earth and kind. We told her we are praying for Nepal.

So this morning we were given opportunity by God to meet and speak with the most powerful people in Nepal. Why us? Who are we? We feel unworthy to be on this trip, but we know God has opened this door. He is moving in a very timely and powerful way here, church! Please commit this country to prayer! We will be doing all we can in the future to help and support God's people and his work in Nepal.

Tomorrow night we will begin our return trip to the USA. Please pray for us!! We miss our families and churches so much, but God has shown us many great things. Ram is overjoyed and said this has been a completely successful trip. They are still getting good reports from the pastors at the conference. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you when we return, and joining hands to serve Jesus by ministering to the saints who need us in Nepal. Glory to God through Jesus Christ!! Jesus is the King of the Earth!

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KenMan said...

I felt the earth shake there for a second so I knew you must have said Jesus is the King of the Earth. So, I logged in to your blog and sure enough, that's what you had said. ;-) That's some great news you have there and getting to pray for the President!!!! So awesome! I hope when you get back, you'll come to Harvest Church and share with us. That would be awesome.