Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Preached The Gospel To Yourself Today?

Have you preached the gospel to yourself today?

Our flesh is so sluggish and deceptive. How quick we are to forget the glories of the gospel! How soon we lose sight of Christ and hope…

No more of that today, my fellow believers!
Quick: look up! Look up to Christ!

See the One who bore our sins on his body on the tree. Jesus died for us. Therefore we are DEAD to sin. Our sin is gone, because he bore it away. No more guilt or shame or wrath, forever. No more condemnation. Hallelujah!

And it gets better: Jesus rose from the grave. Therefore we are ALIVE to God! Our righteousness is in heaven. Through faith we are clothed in his robe and brought into the smile of God to enjoy him forever. Imputed righteousness. Perfection itself given to us. Hallelujah!

Have you preached the gospel to yourself today?
Preach it to yourself, again and again.
The gospel is the power of God...(Romans 1:16)

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