Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most Viewed Posts Of All Time

Here are the posts from this blog that have been viewed the most. My prayer is that the Lord will use this blog for his glory and for the encouragement and upbuilding of people everywhere - that men and women would find their ultimate joy in Christ.

It's been shocking to me, but people have been viewing this blog from all over the world; places like Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Greece, Botswana, Russia, Kenya, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and India. I would love to hear from my international readers! Please feel free to leave a comment.

Also, everyone is invited to leave a comment and give me any suggestions for topics, ways I can better serve you, etc. Thank you everyone, and to God be the glory!

Most Viewed Posts Of All Time

1. The Misquoted Blessing: Jeremiah 29:11. This one has blown me away. It is far and away the most viewed post I've written.

2. The Strategy of Satan Against The Church In Acts.

3. Godly Women: Making Their Men Great.

4. Does God Want Us To Suffer?

5. Did Jesus Take Our Shame?

6. The Steadfast Love Of The Lord.

7. Who Is "Over You In The Lord?"

8. "If God Would Just Show Me A Miracle I Would Believe."

9. Husbands Love Your Wives: A Practical Checklist.

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