Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mission Update

Hello everyone. I am typing this during lunch, so it will be fast (don't want to miss the niceness). I just finished teaching 2 sessions (my first time to teach since arriving) and it was very well received. I poured out my heart to these pastors as I taught on the sinful condition of man apart from Christ and our reliance on the Holy Spirit when evangelizing.

Let me comment on the Nepalese people. WOW. They are so beautiful, inside and out. What a tremendous culture! They are such servants, too, especially the women. They are waiting on us hand and foot. During meals they continually bring more and more until we have to say no more.

Kathmandu is crazy, beautiful and chaotic. Much poverty and so many people everywhere! The city schedules power shut-offs every day and night for different parts of the city because it can't run the whole city at once. Power is off for 82 hours per week! Last night it was off from 8:30 pm till about 2 a.m. Which means our heater did not work in the hotel room, and it was around 30 degrees! But a generator keeps the ceiling light and toilet working.

Kirk, Wingo and myself went to the airport last night to see if our luggage made it in on the 10 pm flight from Hong Kong. It did not. Please keep praying!

Kim mentioned that the orphans are living in the basement of the church building. They are precious, and well taken care of. But this ministry, like so many others, has MUCH need. There is so much we can do here to help. Let's pray about this!

Today is new year's eve and we will have a watch party service in church to bring in the new year. I think they may have me preach. I'm also very excited that on New Year's Day Kim and I will have been married for 5 years! I love you and miss you Kim!!!

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