Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phone Call!!

Cary seemed very excited and full of energy when he called me this morning. Here are a few fun tidbits of info.
The group are eating 2 meals a day at the church. The meals are being cooked for about 300 or so people and it is top notch homemade Nepali food. Cary has had curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.
The church building is an awesome 6 story building. There are offices on the top floor(s) from which they can use the internet and internet phone (MUCH cheaper). The children from the orphanage now live in the basement of the church due to a lack of funds. The pastors and their wives are there for the conference and there are orphanage kids everywhere. It's great.
Steve Wingo is having the time of his life. Cary said he is glowing with energy and excitement. The children from the orphanage love him. He did an awesome job preaching/teaching today. Steve is in his element! (He probably had curry 3 times today too!)
They were able to buy very nice dress clothes for about a third of the price they would cost in the U.S. A few of the guys are going to go to the airport in hopes that their luggage comes in on the Hong Kong flight in a couple of hours.

Jayna - I told Cary to tell your parents you said Hi!

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