Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nepal Mission Update: The Conference Begins!

Praise God!!! I'm so happy to finally get an opportunity to sit down at a computer and give an update. Thanks Kim for passing on my quick update from my phone call (that 7 minutes was $20).
I think our bags went west to Hong Kong while we went East to London. But keep praying...hopefully they'll arrive soon.

I don't even know where to begin. I'm happy to report that there is a vibrant, beautiful, glorious church of the Lord Jesus here in Kathmandu, Nepal!!! This place is FULL of pastors and their wives and the orphans praising Jesus and receiving teaching in the word of God. They love to sing and worship the Lord, lifting hands and praying with passion. Almost is everyone is taking notes and turning with us in their Bibles.

The conference officially began today (Tuesday). The place is packed. They honored us this morning by introducing us to much applause and putting leighs around our necks made from fresh orange carnations (that smell wonderful) and pinning ribbons to us that say "guest." It was very humbling.

Steve Wingo taught his first lesson today and he did a GREAT job. He's bursting with joy and life over here... and it's contagious. I think God is doing a good work in him on his first mission trip!
I'll start my first teaching tomorrow.

It's surprisingly COLD here!! Yikes!

The food is wonderful and they are taking such good care of us.

Please continue to PRAY for us as we minister to the church here in Nepal. God is doing an awesome work in this part of the world. Praise his glorious name!

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