Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Entire New Testament Teaches That Jesus Is God

Titus 2:13 speaks of Jesus Christ as our "great God and Savior." This is a clear and striking verse calling Jesus God!

William Mounce, in his commentary on Titus, reminds us that Christianity's belief in the divinity of Jesus is taught throughout Scripture and does not "rest on this verse" alone. He then goes on to give a wonderful summary statement of Jesus as God in the whole New Testament:
As Harris points out in detail, Christ's divinity is asserted when he is seen throughout the NT as the object of worship, the agent of salvation, the creator, the forgiver of sins, the final judge, the one to whom prayer is offered, the one who possesses the attributes of God, and the one who shares the OT names for God ("Titus 2:13," 271; cf. Cranfield, Romans 2:468).  [Pastoral Epistles, Word Biblical Commentary; William D. Mounce; (c) 2000 Thomas Nelson, Inc; p.426]
As you read through the New Testament, notice how Scripture portrays Jesus. He is fully Man. But he is also God in the flesh!

Be thankful today that we have a great God and Savior - Jesus Christ!

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