Monday, August 15, 2011

Spurgeon: How We Know We Belong To God

In the Daily Help devotional, Charles Spurgeon lists 5 questions to help us determine whether or not we belong to the Lord. Answering the question, "To whom belongest thou?", Spurgeon writes:

1. "Have you been born again?" This is a necessity. Without the new birth we are not his child. Do you know that you are born again?

2. "In whom do you trust?" If we lean on Christ with faith, we belong to him. The question is not, 'Have you prayed a prayer to the Lord?' but 'In whom do you trust?' Big difference! Is your heart trusting Jesus Christ?

3. "What is your conversation?" Is our speech filled with Christ? Are our hearts occupied with the things of heaven? If someone discovered that we are a Christian, would they be surprised? Fruit will reveal our heart. A man who belongs to the Lord will find himself captivated with Christ; fountains of grace will overflow from his heart and out of his mouth!

4. "Whose work are you doing?"  Spurgeon reminds us that we must serve our master, whether Christ or Satan. If we work for ourselves, for money, possessions, comforts and pleasures - if this is our goal and end and the sum of our daily endeavors - then we have answered our original question. But the man who belongs to Jesus will join him in his work of building his church in every tongue and nation through the gospel.

5. "What have you learned of your master?" Jesus called us to take his yoke upon us and learn from him (Matthew 11:29). Conversion is not an event that happens once and leaves us unchanged. The Lord sanctifies and matures those whom he brings to repentance and faith. Do you find that you are knowing Jesus; learning of him?

These questions are helpful. Let us not assume that we are Christ's if all the evidence in our life points to the contrary.

Quotes are from Daily Help, Version 1.5.2; copyright (c)2009-2011 43rd Element, LLC

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